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Spray Tanning

Coming Soon!

It’s no secret I love a spray tan! Very excited to be offering Vani-T Tans later this year, watch this space…


The Low Down On Tox Free Polish

As our trusted nails are not just a bunch of dead cells, they are actually living at the nail bed, so it makes total sense to avoid toxic chemicals that are found in a lot of traditional polishes (see list of nasties below) and opt for more natural based polishes instead.

The good news is there’s no sacrifice when it comes to quality, times have changed!

What to avoid in your polish…

  • Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP): A potentially hormone disrupting chemical, used to make polish less flammable and make the polish stick to the nail more strongly.
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): Acts as a binder to improve the lasting quality of polish. It has been linked to reproductive issues.
  • Formaldehyde: This is a preservative, steriliser, and an embalming chemical. This makes your nail polish harden and keeps it fresh for a long time.
  • Toluene: Used in polish to give a smooth finish. Chronic exposure is linked to anemia, liver, and kidney damage and decreased blood cell count.
  • Camphor: This comes in many forms and is used to make the polish flexible. It’s also a neurotoxin, which can cause seizures if ingested (beware nail biters). Small doses can caused slowed breathing and excess perspiration.

CLICK to research more on chemical ingredients

If you get your nails done at a salon, you could suggest that they try non toxic polishes.

It’s better for the therapists and customers (YOU)! Alternatively, you can always BYOP (bring your own polish).

It’s also important that you don’t allow the nail tech to remove what is commonly thought to be the cuticle line (it’s actually called the proximal fold). This prevents germs and bacteria from entering the nail matrix.

Applying a traditional polish after this has been performed is certainly not ideal for avoiding absorption of toxic chemicals!

If you haven’t already, get yourself a natural polish remover. It’s a much more gentle way to take off polish without drying out your cuticles – to find out more, CLICK HERE

What we’re loving!

Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish formula is a healthier alternative to mainstream polishes.

Made with love in Byron Bay Australia these pretty polishes may be toxin-free, but really work! For a beautiful, full coverage and long-wearing finish.

Other natural polishes to try are Zoya, Treet, Lily Lolo, Kester Black


Bye, bye dry lips

No matter how much I try to stay hydrated, my lips always seem to get really dry and tight in the winter months.

I find the only way to keep the cracks at bay, is by exfoliating regularly and using rich, natural lip balms often throughout the day and before bed.

There are specific lip exfoliators you can use, or simply use the index finger of an exfoliating glove, to gently buff the surface of your lips while you’re in the shower (and I do mean gently, dry lips can be fragile things)


Try to avoid licking your lips, this only makes them dryer, and instead have your favourite lip balm on hand 24/7.

Keep one in your pocket, in the car, in your bag, in the kitchen, bathroom and by the bed, that way you’re always prepared!

Might seem a little OTT but it definitely helps having them readily available.

A natural remedy to try if your lips are really cracked and dry, is mashed up cucumber. Slather on your lips for approximately 5 minutes while lying down and this gently hydrates and soothes the area. Bit messy but it’s quite effective.

Stay clear of of any balms or glosses that contain petrolatum (just think petrol, no thanks) this actually blankets the lips and doesn’t allow any moisturising properties to penetrate.

Anything with artificial colours, synthetic fragrances and phenol/flavours, BHT and chemical sunscreens. To read more on why these ingredients should be avoided, CLICK HERE.


Click image for more – Black Chicken Balm of Ages $14.95

Multi purpose balm, full of amazingly nourishing ingredients.

Click image for more –  Madara Plum Lip Perfection Balm $19

Deeply moisturising balm, can be used with lipstick for added moisture.

Click on image for more –  Suvana Organic Vegan Paw Paw & Coconut Lip Balm $9.95


Click on image for more – Dr. Alkaitis ‘Love Your Lips’ Organic Lip Treatment $39.95

Perfect for dry chapped lips.

Naturally nourishing, these lip treatments will keep your lips kissable, all year round.


Get the perfect, natural winter tan

It’s getting chilly out there, but just because the skies are grey, doesn’t mean you can’t have a glorious tanned body underneath those thermals!!

So crank up some heat in the bathroom, tie up your hair and follow these simple steps for a rockin’ tan, DIY style

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Natural Beauty Rituals

If the silly season has left you feeling a little…err, silly, we’ve got a few tricks to boost your energy, refresh your skin and help lose those sneaky kg’s.

For many, this time of year is a wonderful, joyous time, but for some, Christmas and all it’s festivities bring a great amount of stress, and don’t always embody the happiest of memories.

A fresh start can begin on any day of the month, it’s not just exclusive to the start of a new year. So, with this in mind, here are a few mini motivators to help ease you back into, YOU!

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Spring Fashion Looks – in a Flash!

It almost seemed like spring would never arrive, but she made it! Warmer days and longer evenings bring more social events and fun times spent outdoors.

No need to waste time in front of the mirror, follow these simple steps to get your 10/10 springtime look!

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Natural botox

After a recent visit with my ‘new’ dentist, I was told a jab of botox in the jaw would work in favour of a night splint, to stop teeth clenching!

Who knew?!

I’m sure I know where I’d prefer to get botox, and it ain’t in the jaw!!

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Top Summer Beauty Picks

There are so many glorious products on the market, it can be quite overwhelming knowing which ones to choose from.

Here is a list of my top summer picks, which will hopefully save you some time when it comes to making your choice! And yes, they are all natural, free of nasties and full of goodness for your skin! Join up to receive the Beautiful Because newsletter, and receive 10% off your order.

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Treating pigmentation with nature

If you’re anywhere around the 30+ mark, chances are you’ve noticed a darker patch or two on the side or sides of your face, often around the orbital bone of just below the temples. 

Aaargghhh! You observed it on others but never thought it’d happen to you, right? 

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