Bye, bye dry lips

No matter how much I try to stay hydrated, my lips always seem to get really dry and tight in the winter months.

I find the only way to keep the cracks at bay, is by exfoliating regularly and using rich, natural lip balms often throughout the day and before bed.

There are specific lip exfoliators you can use, or simply use the index finger of an exfoliating glove, to gently buff the surface of your lips while you’re in the shower (and I do mean gently, dry lips can be fragile things)


Try to avoid licking your lips, this only makes them dryer, and instead have your favourite lip balm on hand 24/7.

Keep one in your pocket, in the car, in your bag, in the kitchen, bathroom and by the bed, that way you’re always prepared!

Might seem a little OTT but it definitely helps having them readily available.

A natural remedy to try if your lips are really cracked and dry, is mashed up cucumber. Slather on your lips for approximately 5 minutes while lying down and this gently hydrates and soothes the area. Bit messy but it’s quite effective.

Stay clear of of any balms or glosses that contain petrolatum (just think petrol, no thanks) this actually blankets the lips and doesn’t allow any moisturising properties to penetrate.

Anything with artificial colours, synthetic fragrances and phenol/flavours, BHT and chemical sunscreens. To read more on why these ingredients should be avoided, CLICK HERE.


Click image for more – Black Chicken Balm of Ages $14.95

Multi purpose balm, full of amazingly nourishing ingredients.

Click image for more –  Madara Plum Lip Perfection Balm $19

Deeply moisturising balm, can be used with lipstick for added moisture.

Click on image for more –  Suvana Organic Vegan Paw Paw & Coconut Lip Balm $9.95


Click on image for more – Dr. Alkaitis ‘Love Your Lips’ Organic Lip Treatment $39.95

Perfect for dry chapped lips.

Naturally nourishing, these lip treatments will keep your lips kissable, all year round.

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