Get the perfect, natural winter tan

It’s getting chilly out there, but just because the skies are grey, doesn’t mean you can’t have a glorious tanned body underneath those thermals!!

So crank up some heat in the bathroom, tie up your hair and follow these simple steps for a rockin’ tan, DIY style

1. Exfoliate! Mitts, gloves, body brush and body scrub. Keep them all in the bath or shower and prior to hair removal, make sure you’ve buffed off all that extra dry skin lurking around. Skin tends to dry out over the winter months and we’re less likely to moisturise regularly, so pay special attention to this important step if you want the best results for your tan.

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2. Make sure your body is completely dry and skip the moisturiser all together. Choosing either a dry oil tan or a gradual tan is ideal for the winter months. The dry oil self tan will give your skin that extra bit of moisture it needs for a smooth finish, while a gradual tan is perfect for people in a rush or beginners. Applied daily for 3-4 days in a row gives beautiful depth of colour and is the easiest of tans to correct should you have any areas you’ve missed after first application.

3. I always moisturise a little around my feet, knees, elbows and hands after application, just to blend the tan as much as possible.

4. If applying on the face, use a gentle face water tan or a cream especially developed for the area. Gently wipe any excess off eyebrows, around nostrils with a cotton pad to avoid buildup.

5. To extend your tan, make sure you moisturise daily with a gentle moisturiser and avoid using products with glycolic and VitA as they can cause patches and flakiness.

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