Natural botox

After a recent visit with my ‘new’ dentist, I was told a jab of botox in the jaw would work in favour of a night splint, to stop teeth clenching!

Who knew?!

I’m sure I know where I’d prefer to get botox, and it ain’t in the jaw!!

Seriously though, I have tried botox a few times.

Ironically, in my early thirties, where to be honest, I really didn’t need it.

Now, at an age where I could definitely do with a little fine tuning, botox is no longer that appealing.

Fillers such as Restylanea dermal filler made of a biodegradable, non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) are extremely popular.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in all living organisms and provides volume and fullness to the skin. Fillers can give your skin freshness where it’s needed and reduce the look of dark circles under the eyes, but as with botox, it isn’t cheap.

If needles don’t grab you, and you’d rather a more natural approach to smoothing your wrinkles, here are a few alternatives.

You can grab your any of these at and don’t forget to sign up for their awesome monthly newsletters to get your discount.


Vanessa Megan Marine Collagen Anti Ageing Night Cream from $39.95


The Little Alchemist Anti Ageing Defence Complex $86


La Mav Anti Oxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar $59.95

As far as treatments go, Claire from Luminescence Beauty Therapies in Balwyn, raves about the results she achieves using her ultrasonic infusion treatments.

 It gives you 100% penetration and IMMEDIATE results! It works by opening the channels in the skin and pushing the product in using vibrations and sound waves.

Sounds fancy? It is, and well worth a try if you have a special event coming up and want to look super fresh and radiant.

Claire stocks Youngblood, an extensive, natural mineral cosmetic range as well as Australian cosmeceutical brand, Pelactiv. Not all their products are 100% natural, however they do contain Australian native plant extracts.

We’re all wanting to look the best we can, and in an ideal world, getting the sleep you need and right nutrition is the best form of ‘beauty care’, but sadly this is not always possible! 

Embracing help from nature’s botox like ingredients and targeted salon treatments can really give you and your skin the boost you need to bounce into spring!!

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