Why Go Green

With so many glorious products available, it’s easy to be seduced by beautiful packaging and seductive words, but how on earth do you know which labels to trust?

During my 15 years as a beauty therapist, I’ve encountered more products than I can keep count of, many containing rather dubious ingredients.

Thanks to social media and a big shift in awareness of what we put in, and on our bodies, most of us are now paying a lot more attention to what we slather on our skin and the effects it can have on our health.

There’s nothing better than knowing that the products you use not only work but are doing you good, not the reverse!

The nasty 12 unfortunately are still used in a ton of products but familiarising yourself with this infographic, thanks to Natural Healthy Concepts, is a worthwhile exercise when buying your cosmetics and skin care.

There is also a cool app called Think Dirty which allows you to scan the barcode of your item and it will tell you on a scale of 1-10 how ‘clean’ your product really is.

It may come as no surprise that they’re not all as green as they claim to be!

It’s still somewhat confusing as to exactly how much of the nasty (and good stuff) your skin actually absorbs and how easily it can penetrate into the bloodstream. Choosing products that nourish your skin naturally feels like the best choice for me, doing your own research is always empowering.

I found a very helpful blog annmariegianni.com/much-skin-actually-absorb/ which is a really interesting read and the research sheds some light on this important topic.

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